Jerusalem, 3 August 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Monday), 3.8.98:

1. The Public Security Minister and the Police Inspector-General briefed the Cabinet on Israel Police activities during the first half of 1998; the briefing was followed by a Cabinet discussion of the report.

2. The Cabinet decided to empower a ministerial committee headed by the Education Minister, and with the participation of the Justice Minister and the Communications Minister to prepare, for Cabinet approval, a proposal for legislative amendments with respect to national and regional radio broadcasts, in order to give expression to the cultural diversity of Israeli society and to the various perspectives espoused by the public. Current regional broadcasts, and the relevant implications, will be taken into account. The issue has attracted attention of late, particularly in the wake of attempts to make arrangements for regional radio broadcasting in Judea, Samaria and Gaza; however, its scope will be more inclusive and, in order to resolve this matter in an appropriate and equitable manner, legislative changes will be necessary.

3. The Cabinet decided to increase the assistance offered for the expansion of apartments in Project Renewal neighborhoods and for apartment-owners living in difficult housing conditions.

4. The Prime Minister told the Cabinet that the Government will take action designed to alter unemployment trends. The Prime Minister emphasized his intention to present, at the next Cabinet meeting, a series of measures to combat unemployment. The Prime

Minister also announced his intent to create and head a socio-economic council, whose other members will include the Finance Minister, the Labor and Social Welfare Minister, the Industry and Trade Minister, the chairman of the Federation of the Israeli Economic Organizations (FIEO), the Histadrut chairman and the Bank of Israel Governor. The council will formulate proposals for addressing various problems including, first and foremost, unemployment.

5. The Environment Minister briefed the Cabinet on the fire which erupted last night at the Ramat Hovav hazardous waste site.