Jerusalem, 14 January 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting today (Wednesday) 14.1.98:

1. The Prime Minister announced at the that Israel is not presenting new conditions of any kind regarding the redeployment. The conditions were determined in the "Note for the Record" of 15 January, 1997, that accompanied the Hebron Accord, and we insist that they be implemented.

2. Regarding the recent uncovering of a terrorist group, the Prime Minister said that the group, which intended to carry out further terrorist attacks, has had an extensive infrastructure composed of dozens of activists in areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority. This is a failure of the Palestinian Authority, which has not carried out the basic intelligence and operational activities needed to foil terrorism.

3. The Cabinet took the following decision:

The Government of Israel establishes that Israel’s vital and national interests in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, as presented in the Cabinet meetings of 26 and 30 November, 1997, and on tours of the areas on 23 and 28 December, 1997, will constitute the basis of the interim agreement and the final status agreement with the Palestinians.

These vital interests include the following components, which partly overlap:

1. The eastern security zone. 2. The western security zone. 3. The area surrounding the Jerusalem region. 4. The areas of the Israeli communities. 5. Infrastructure interest, including water, electricity and transportation. 6. Military-security sites of strategic importance or pertinent to Israel’s deterrence capability. 7.The areas around longitudinal and lateral transportation routes vital to general security and to the security of the Israeli communities. 8. Historic sites sacred to the Jewish people.