Jerusalem, 19 November 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the Cabinet meeting today (Thursday), 19.11.98:

1. The cabinet discussed the implementation of the Palestinian Authority’s commitments in accordance with the Wye Memorandum, after being briefed as follows:

A. The Palestinian announcement on the decision of the PLO Executive Committee to approve the letter of Yasser Arafat regarding the cancellation of articles of the PLO Covenant.

B. The Palestinian declaration forbidding the possession of illegal weapons and the letter of commitment to Israel to act on this matter strictly within the framework of the instructions of the agreement.

C. The Palestinian order against incitement.

D. The report of the security forces regarding the implementation, as of today, of the Palestinian commitments regarding the war against terrorism.

2. The cabinet decided to approve implementing the first stage of the redeployment as required by the agreement. In addition, the cabinet approved, as required by the agreement, to release Palestinian prisoners and detainees as detailed below:

A. The transfer or release of Palestinian prisoners and detainees who are residents of the West bank and Gaza Strip in accordance with the government’s commitment in the Interim Agreement Regarding the West Bank and Gaza Strip signed in Washington on 28 September, 1995.

B. Whereas, and in accordance with the Agreement Implementation Law Regarding the West Bank and Gaza Strip (jursidictions, authorizations and other instructions) (legislation amendments) 5756-1996, it was agreed that the cabinet would determine the criteria for the release or transfer of prisoners and detainees who are residents of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, held in jails in Israel, the cabinet adopted these criteria for the release set in the appendix to the agreement.

C. The implementation of each stage of this agreement will be subject to the implementation of the stages of the Wye River Memorandum, signed in Washington on 23 October, 1998, asdetermined by the cabinet.

D. The first stage will include the release of 250 prisoners and detainees in accordance with the criteria adopted by the cabinet in this decision, and will be carried out at a date following this decision.

E. In any event, the release or transfer will be carried out by those authorized to do so by law, and in accordance with their judgement.

3. In addition, the cabinet heard details regarding the opening and operations of the airport at Dahaniya.