Jerusalem, 22 February 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

1. The Defense Minister briefed the Cabinet on the international crisis with Iraq. He noted that the security establishment has asked the public to equip itself with materials for sealing rooms and to renew their gas masks. Additional distribution centers, open 24 hours a day, have been set up for this purpose.

2. The Prime Minister said that the public is requested to listen to the instructions of the security establishment and Home Front Command.

3. The Prime Minister said that the government’s policy is to provide the home front with maximum security, even if the the risk of being attacked is small. When there are solutions to various kinds of non-conventional threats, it is the government’s responsibility to provide these solutions to the public. The Cabinet knows what has to be done, and is making the appropriate decisions with full consideration and responsibility.

4. The Cabinet approved the Ministry of Housing and Construction’s recommendations for Project Renewal for 1998. An inter-ministerial team composed of [representatives from] the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Housing and Construction, Labor and Social Welfare, Interior, Health and Immigration and Absorption Ministries will submit recommendations within four months on the criteria for Project Renewal in the future.