Jerusalem, April 1, 1998


(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

The Ministerial Committee for National Security today (1.4.98) adopted the following decision:

1. Israel is accepting UN Security Council Resolution 425, so that the IDF will leave Lebanon with appropriate security arrangements, and so that the Lebanese government can restore its effective control over Southern Lebanon and assume responsibility for guaranteeing that its territory will not be used as a base for terrorist activity against Israel.

2. The government expresses its appreciation to the IDF soldiers and commanders who are engaged in the defence of the inhabitants of northern Israel. The IDF will continue its activity against terrorist threats in the "Security Zone", until the necessary security arrangements are effected.

3. The government of Israel calls on the Lebanese government to begin negotiations, on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution 425 to restore its effective control over territories currently under IDF control, and to prevent terrorist activities from its territory against Israel’s northern border.

4. Israel views the guaranteed security and safety of the residents of the "Security Zone" in Southern Lebanon and the soldiers of the Southern Lebanese Army as an integral part of the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 425 and of any other arrangement for the restoration of security along our border with Lebanon.

5. Israel will continue its efforts to achieve peace agreements with all its neighbors.