19 November 1998


(Communciated by Defense Ministry Spokesman)

Following today’s cabinet decision, Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai today (Thursday) 19.11.98, convened the security forces for a briefing on the first stage of the redeployment as set in the Wye Memorandum. The Defense Minister authorized the IDF to carry out the first stage of the redeployment in coordination with the Palestinian Authority. In addition, he authorized the Coordinator of Activities in the Territories to implement the plan to transfer civil authority to the Palestinian Authority in those areas being transferred to their jurisdiction. The Defense Minister confirmed the signing tomorrow of the protocol to operate the airport at Dahaniya in Gaza, in accordance with today’s cabinet decision to permit the opening of the airport in the near future.

The discussion also covered the security operations being carried out in parallel to the implementation of the agreement, with an emphasis on the paving of bypass roads and operations to increase security for settlements and their residents in Judea and Samaria.