12 November 1998


(Communicated by Defense Minister’s Media Advisor)

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai, yesterday (Wednesday) 11.11.98, held a series of meetings with IDF and defense establishment officials over the current crisis in the Gulf. To this end, he was forced to leave the cabinet meeting on the Wye Memorandum and return to Tel Aviv.

Following the cabinet decision and an analysis of the situation, the Defense Minister ordered the IDF and defense establishment to facilitate the continued orderly distribution of gas masks in order to enable the Home Front to complete its preparations. Aside from this, there is no need for people to change their daily routines.

The Defense Minister said, "Israel supports the American policy not to allow the development of non- conventional weapons in the region and to resume significant supervision by UNSCOM on Iraqi facilities." Defense Ministry officials remain in continuous contact with their American counterparts.