11 August 1998


(Communicated by Defense Ministry Media Adviser)

Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai met yesterday afternoon (Monday), 10.8.98, with Russian National Security Adviser Andrei Kokoshin.

At the meeting, which was also attended by other senior Israeli defense officials and Israel’s Ambassador to Russia, Defense Minister Mordechai unequivocally demanded that the Russian government immediately enforce supervision of Russian companies who are assisting at military projects in Iran. Mr. Mordechai noted intelligence assessments that serious security threats are developing in the Middle East, including Iran’s long-range missile program and efforts to acquire nuclear weapons.

Mr. Kokoshin said that Russia understands the threat posed by Iran and has recently been working to prevent the transfer of technology and know-how to that country.

Defense Minister Mordechai and Mr. Kokoshin agreed that the dialogue on this issue, between the Israeli and Russian defense establishments will continue with the understanding that Russia will bring all of its authority to bear on government and private companies and organizations. Defense Minister Mordechai emphasized to Mr. Kokoshin that he has no doubt that positive results from Russian activity to prevent the transfer of know-how to Iran would pave the way for increased cooperation and dialogue between Israel and Russia on defense issues important to both countries.