Fisheries Ordinance, 1937

– A license is required to fish, with the exception of fishing from the seashore with a hook and rod. Fishing boats also require a license, which sets out the area in which a boat may fish and the methods by which the fishermen may fish.

– It is forbidden to use explosives to catch or kill fish; it is also forbidden to poison fish.

– The Minister of Agriculture is responsible for the implementation of this Law; in addition, he may promulgate regulations:

* forbidding certain fishing methods which may damage the development or threaten the survival of a species of fish; the Minister may also promulgate any regulation relating to the "preservation, protection and maintenance of fish as he deems necessary";

* limiting or forbidding fishing in certain areas or during certain seasons;

* setting out size limits for a species of fish;

* concerning the size and caliber of mesh of fishing nets;

* setting the price of fishing licenses.