Foreign Ministry Cadet Course Opens

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
January 4, 1998

On January 5, 1998, a new Foreign Service Cadets Course will begin, following a two year hiatus.

The Foreign Service Cadets Course of the Israel Foreign Ministry is the longest course (three years, including one year internship at a mission abroad) of all the preparatory courses in the Israel civil service, and the examinations for acceptance into the course are considered the most difficult. The twenty-one participants of the course were chosen from approximately 2000 candidates.

The goal of the three year course is to provide the Cadets with the basic knowledge of the practice of diplomacy, a profession which has been the subject of great changes on this, the eve of the Twenty-First century. The course is intended to imbue the Cadets with the values of the Foreign Service and its traditions, and to prepare them for the unique tasks of Israel’s foreign policy in the era of the Middle East peace process.

Upon the completion of their training, the Cadets will be posted at an Israeli mission abroad in a developing country, at the diplomatic rank of Second Secretary. The Cadets Course is comprised of three phases:

  1. Basic theoretical training, in which the cadets learn the fundamentals of the art of diplomacy, and the role of the Israel Foreign Ministry and its functions in the international arena, especially in the promotion of peace efforts in our region.
  2. Internship in the various departments of the Ministry, to familiarize the Cadets with the Ministry’s operational and organizational structure.
  3. A year’s posting in a mission abroad, upon the completion of which, a final decision will be made regarding the Cadets’ acceptance into the Israel Foreign Service.