Foreign Ministry Denies Kol Israel Report

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 27, 1998

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman today (Monday) 27.4.98, responded to this morning’s Kol Israel report on supposed Foreign Ministry assessments in advance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Egypt tomorrow and next week’s London talks:

"The Foreign Ministry’s professional assessment is that tomorrow’s visit to Egypt by the Prime Minister is extremely important for relations between the two countries and for the advancement of the peace process. The visit will contribute to the dialogue and to better understanding between the two countries."

The Spokesman also said that the talks in London will serve as a continuation of political activities aimed at advancing the peace process. The talks are the result of contacts that the parties have held with the United States, and of the recent visit to Israel by British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He added that only the Foreign Ministry Director-General and his deputy are authorized to offer political assessments on behalf of the Ministry — and that the assessments reported this morning, and attributed to Foreign Ministry sources, do not reflect the Ministry’s position.