Foreign Ministry DG Bentsur Calls on PA to Stop Incitement

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
2 August 1998

Foreign Ministry Director-General Eytan Bentsur, who is also the chairman of the joint Israeli-Palestinian planning group responsible for "people-to-people" projects intended to increase mutual understanding and knowledge, today (Sunday, 2.8.98) called on the Palestinian Authority to cease incitement against Israel in its broadcast media and education system. Recently, a new wave of inflammatory anti-Israeli items have been broadcast on the P.A. radio and television stations. The Palestinian media is not only fanning the flames of hatred of Israel, but has also reported on incitement taking place in P.A. schools and kindergartens. This activity, apart from being in direct contravention of all agreements signed by the Palestinian Authority, also harms the peace process, and is likely to have harmful, long-term effects.

The Palestinian Authority must act to stop this incitement, even if it is undertaken by bodies not directly subordinate to the P.A., or by private individuals.

Bentsur called for the immediate convening of the People to People joint planning group, to discuss various current projects, and ways to cope with incitement, which can only be achieved by cooperation, mutual understanding and education for peace. Only thus will the goal of peace and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians be furthered.