Foreign Ministry Protests Palestinian Action at ITU Assembly

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
5 November 1998

The General Assembly of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), now meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, decided yesterday (Wednesday) 4.11.98 to grant the Palestinians the same status in the organization that they have at the United Nations. The effort of the Palestinians and the Arab bloc failed to bring the General Assembly to grant the Palestinian delegation the status of state in the organization.

The ITU General Assembly meets every four years, and despite its full professional agenda, the participants were forced to devote considerable time to political issues. The raising of the Palestinian issue by the Arab delegates at a professional conference like this and the decision taken is another example of the cynical political use the Palestinians and Arabs are making of professional international organizations and the politicization that still takes up a considerable part of their discussions and decisions.

More serious is the fact that the negative political activism by the Palestinian and their supporters at the ITU General Assembly in Minneapolis occurred at the same time as the negotiations at Wye Plantation.