Jerusalem, 6 November 1998

Government Resolution

(Communicated by Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

1. The Israel Cabinet has convened for the second day in a row with the clear intention of ratifying the agreement with the Palestinians. A proposed draft to this effect was presented to the government.

2. Regrettably, since the Wye River conference two troubling developments have undermined Israel’s intention:

A. Repeated terrorist strikes in which Israelis were killed and wounded and only a miracle prevented the mass murder of civilians, including scores of children.

B. Repeated attempts by the PA leaders to evade commitments they undertook in the Wye Agreement.

3. The Cabinet will discuss the ratification of the Wye Agreement when it is convinced that the PA is taking decisive steps in a determined war on the terrorist organizations and their infrastructure; and when it is convinced that the PA intends to fully live up to all the commitments it undertook in the Agreement, including the obligation to conduct a vote by the Palestinian National Council to affirm the repeal of the Palestinian Charter articles calling for Israel’s destruction, and the arrest of wanted murderers.

4. The government will act to secure its citizens and strengthen Israel’s capital Jerusalem.

5. The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to advance the agreement with the Palestinians based on full implementation according to the principle of reciprocity.