Israel and Jordan to Sign Agricultural Cooperation Agreement

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
26 October 1998

Israel and Jordan will tomorrow (Tuesday), 27.10.98, at 14:00, sign an agricultural cooperation agreement, at the Moshav Shoresh Guest House.

Based on the agricultural agreement signed by Israel and Jordan on 26.10.95, and the meetings of the Jordan-Israel committee on joint agricultural projects held over the past two years, tomorrow’s agreement will be signed between the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture and the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation (Mashav). It initiates a model project in which Awassi sheep from Israel, along with the appropriate technology and equipment, will be sent to Jordan in order to establish a herd in the southern part of that country. The aim is to improve the genetic composition of the sheep and the yield of sheep’s milk and dairy products.

The project, which will cost about $250,000, is a further example of the ongoing cooperation between Israel and Jordan, following the signing of the peace treaty four years ago. Since then, about 250 Jordanian experts have attended courses run by Mashav and two courses on physiotherapy have been conducted in Jordan.

 Israel and Jordan to Sign Agricultural Cooperation Agreement
 Israel and Jordan to Sign Agricultural Cooperation Agreement

The signing ceremony

Photo: "Scoop 80"