Summer 1992-5752, Vol. 15, No.3
ISSN 0334-3804

Editor: Shoshana Gabbay


Changing of the Guard at the Environment Ministry
From the Minister of the Environment, Ora Namir
From the Incoming Director General, Israel Peleg
From the Outgoing Director General, Uri Marinov
National Outline Scheme for Immigrant Absorption
Landscape Protection Under Conditions of Rapid Development
News in Brief
International Cooperation
Some Aspects of Lead Pollution in Israel

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Ms Ora Namir, Minister
Dr. Israel Peleg, Director-General

Dear Reader:

Our Summer 1992 edition addresses significant issues of change both within the Ministry of the Environment and in Israel itself. The current issue introduces Israel’s new Minister of the Environment, Ms. Ora Namir and the new director general, Dr. Israel Peleg, while bidding a fond farewell to Dr. Uri Marinov. On the national front, Israel’s new Masterplan for Immigrant Absorption is featured along with efforts to preserve the country’s open space landscapes in the face of rapid development, designated to provide the hordes of new immigrants which have poured into the country in recent years with proper housing and employment. Today, more than ever, Israel faces major challenges. The Ministry of the Environment is determined to do its part to meet them.