Israel Rejects Cardiff Communique Mideast Section

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 17, 1998

Israel rejects the Middle East section of the Cardiff Communique issued by the summit of European Union leaders, as it constitutes a continuation of the Amsterdam Communique of 16-17.6.97 and the Luxembourg Communique of 12-13.12.97, referred to in this section.

Israel rejects the comments regarding the possibility of the establishment of a Palestinian state as unhelpful interference in the final status negotiations, in which the two parties need to discuss all the issues freely, openly and without preconditions.

Israel also condemns and rejects out of hand the distorted interpretation in the communique to UN Security Council Resolution 425, and expresses regret over this irresponsible and harmful presentation, which does not contribute to promoting stability, security and peace.

From the press:

The twice-yearly summit of European Union leaders yesterday expressed "very grave concern" at the lack of progress in the Middle East peace process and warned of threats this posed to the stability of the region.

The communique urged Israel to "recognize the right of the Palestinians to exercise self-determination, without excluding the option of a state" while at the same time calling on the Palestinians "to reaffirm their commitment to the legitiamte right of Israel to live within safe, recognized borders."