Israel Sends Aid to Stricken Area in Ecuador

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
18 August 1998

The following report was received from the Israeli Embassy in Quito, Ecuador:

"On 8 August, a delegation from Israel transported 500 kgs. of supplies to the coastal area, to aid those affected by the earthquake of 4 August. The delegation consisted of an embassy representative, the military attache and Israeli businessman Ariel Avdi.

The supplies included medicine, tents, candles, batteries, food, diapers, water and more. The supplies were generously provided by Mr. Avdi, who requested that the operation be carried out on behalf of the State of Israel. The supplies were distributed in the small city of Canoa in the coastal region, which was at the epicenter of the earthquake.

The donation was received with great emotion. Red Cross representatives noted that Israel was the first and only country up until that time to have brought help to the center of the affected area."