Joint Israeli-Palestinian Projects

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
February 18, 1998

Under the aegis of the joint Israel-Palestinian Authority Committee dealing with the "People to People" Project (PTP), Israeli Committee Chairman, Foreign Ministry Director-General Eytan Bentsur, sent a letter to his Palestinian counterpart, Sufian Abu-Zaideh, detailing Israel’s proposals for joint projects to be implemented immediately — for the purpose of promoting understanding and cooperation between the two parties.

In his letter, Bentsur detailed the following Israeli proposals:

  1. "The Tolerance Game" — a simulation of Jews and Muslims living together in Medieval Toledo, Spain, as a model of tolerance and acceptance. The Ramallah-based Palestinian Center for Peace has expressed a willingness to translate the game into Arabic.
  2. "Twinning Schools" — a program to bring together youths from both sides for meetings based on cooperation and mutuality.
  3. The establishment of an internet database of Israeli-Palestinian projects, through which it will be possible to learn about joint activities and make preliminary contacts.
  4. "City to City" — municipal contacts between adjacent Israeli and Palestinian cities with common interests, in conjunction with an adoptive city from abroad.
  5. "A Tourism School" — jointly operated by Bethlehem and Ben-Gurion Universities.

The PTP committee will determine avenues for the implementation of the proposals agreed upon. Project implementation will be handled by the relevant bodies, encouraged and closely accompanied by the "People to People" Committee, the Foreign Ministry and the Palestinian Authority.