Licensing of Business Regulations (Disposal of Hazardous Substances), 1990

By the authority vested in me under Section 10 of the Licensing of Businesses Law, 1968 (hereinafter, "the Law") and under Section 62b of the Public Health Ordinance, 1940, I hereby promulgate the following regulations:

Definitions 1. In these regulations: "the owner of a plant" means one of the following:

(1) the business license holder or the applicant for a business license, whichever is the case;

(2) the person under whose supervision, inspection, or management the plant operates.

"the Director" means the Director General of the Ministry of the Environment or whosoever he authorizes for the purposes of these Regulations, in whole or in part.

"hazardous substance" means explosive, inflammable, oxidizing, corrosive, caustic, or poisonous substance which has a United Nations Number; in every phase, as described in Parts A and B of the First Appendix to the Supervision of Commodities and Services (Transport and Trailer Services) Order, 1978 (hereinafter, "the Trailer Order");

"United Nations number" is as defined in the Trailer Order;

"plant" means a business that requires a license within the meaning of the Law, in which are stored, sold, processed or manufactured, hazardous substances or the waste thereof; or in which hazardous substances are generated during the processing or manufacturing stages.

"disposal" includes treatment of hazardous substances or waste and their transferral from the place where they are situated.

"waste" means substance of any type containing hazardous substances, that is disposed of from a plant or which is designated for disposal, or which is to be disposed of by the Director’s decision.

Disposal of the waste from hazardous substances 2. (a) The owner of a plant shall dispose of all waste that is generated by or found in that plant, as soon as possible and not later than six months from the time of its generation, at the neutralization and treatment of industrial wastes and hazardous substances plant at Ramat Hovav (hereinafter "Hazardous Waste Site); the disposed waste shall be packed and transported in accordance with the law and subject to the Director’s guidelines.

(b) The owner in charge of a plant shall not dispose of and shall not allow another to dispose of, waste from his plant, in a manner or at a location that is not stipulated by these Regulations unless the disposal is for the purpose of recycling or re-use of the waste, or for another purpose, subject to the prior approval of the Director.

Preserving of documents 3. The owner of a plant shall maintain and keep at his offices the invoices of the Hazardous Waste Site or of the recycling or re-use locations, whichever is the case, and shall present them to the Director, to the Licensing Authority, or to anyone empowered on their behalf, in order to prove that the disposal of waste was carried out as required.

Commencement 4. These regulations shall come into force six months from the date of their publication.