Licensing of Businesses Law, 1968 (Summary)

This Law authorizes the Minister of the Interior, in consultation with the Minister of Environment, to "designate and define by order businesses requiring a license, in order to ensure therein appropriate sanitary conditions, the prevention of nuisances and annoyances and compliance with the provisions of the of the laws relating to planning and building." He may also, following consultation with the Minister of Police or the Minister of Agriculture, require licensing of businesses to prevent danger to the public peace and safety or to prevent the spread of animal diseases.

– The local authority is the licensing authority in the area of a municipality or local council, otherwise a person empowered by the Minister of the Interior serves in that capacity. License applications must be approved by a person empowered to do so by the Minister of Environment, Police or Agriculture, as the case may be.

– The Minister of the Interior may regulate fire safety conditions, and the Minister of Environment may regulate sanitary conditions necessary in businesses requiring a license.

– Terms of licensing, such as their period of validity, fees, and renewal policies are prescribed by general regulations or regulations specific to particular classes of businesses.

– Persons running a business without a license or a person in contravention of the Law or its regulations are liable to a fine or imprisonment for six months. The Court may further order that the business be closed. A person who refuses to present his business license to an official on demand is liable to a fine or imprisonment for three months.