Mining Ordinance (Summary)

– The Minister of Development may appoint an Inspector of Mines to implement this order.

– Prospecting or digging of mines without a permit is forbidden. The Minister of Development may close certain areas to prospecting or mining. Mining is forbidden within one hundred meters of a holy site; within one hundred meters of a historic site except by permission of the Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums of the Ministry of Education and Culture; in any closed forest, or in any forest owned by the State of Israel except with the permission of the Minister of Agriculture; within the borders of a city; within one hundred meters of a water source;

– All minerals discovered by digging or prospecting are the property of the State. A person who discovers minerals in "worthwhile amounts" must report this to the Inspector. The Inspector is then required to investigate the claim. If he finds a valid worthwhile discovery, he must grant the discoverer a certificate of discovery. The bearer of a certificate of discovery will be granted exclusive mining rights by the Minister of Development for one year in which he may develop the mine.

– The holder of mining rights must make bi-yearly reports to the Inspector as to the amount and value of the minerals he has mined. o The mining rights in an area do not grant the rights to any water or water source in that area. A person may apply to the Inspector for the right to use a water source for the purposes of mining as long as the use of such water will not damage or deplete the water source.