Operation of Vehicles (Engines and Fuel) Law, 1960

The principle section of this Law allows the Minister of Finance, after consultation with the Minister of Transportation, to regulate:

(1) the kind of fuel by which any motor vehicle shall be propelled and operated;

(2) the kind of engine which shall be installed in a motor vehicle or by which a motor vehicle shall be operated and propelled.

Further, the Minister of Finance is empowered by the Law to enact regulations to ensure compliance with the Law. These may include orders allowing the examination of fuel station tanks and containers, on-the-spot inspections of motor vehicles and fuel tanks, and the taking of fuel samples for further examination. The Minister may also require that fuel stations keep fuel delivery and return records.

The penalties for contravention of this Law comprise fines, imprisonment for repeat offenders and loss of license. Owners of vehicles and employers of workers who are guilty of an offense under this Law are also liable for punishment, unless they can prove that they took all steps possible to comply.