Plant Protection (Damage by Goats) Law, 1950 (Summary)

This Law limits the number of goats allowed to graze in a unit area to one goat per 40 dunams in unirrigated land, and one goat per 10 dunams of irrigated land. This limit does not apply in the yard attached to ones home where any number of goats may be grazed as long as they are tied or confined; further, the Minister of Agriculture may grant special permission to graze a larger number of goats during particular seasons of the year. A person may graze goats only in his own fields, but may drive goats across any land for which he has the permission of the owner. A person may not graze his goats in an area designated a closed forest according to the Forests Ordinance, 1926.

An inspector (appointed by the Minister of Agriculture for that purpose) may confiscate goats which he observes to be grazing in contravention of this law. A person who contravenes this Law is liable to imprisonment or a fine. Confiscated goats may be sold, the proceeds to be apportioned by the courts to the owners of the goats or forfeited as the court sees fit.