Public Health Ordinance, 1940 (Summary)

This Law covers many aspects of public health, from reporting requirements for death and illness to sanitation and water quality.

Sanitation Areas

The Minister of Health and the Minister of the Environment are responsible for designating urban and rural sanitation areas. These are to be managed as sanitary authorities by the city council or local authority in the same area. The Ministers of Health and Environment may promulgate regulations as to the organization, function, and funding of sanitary authorities, as well as standards for workers.

Water Quality

– The Minister of Health may promulgate regulations concerning water quality, including drinking water standards and standards for water sources used for drinking water, and for water systems.

– Water suppliers, including local authorities, are required to periodically test drinking water. The types and frequency of tests are set forth in regulations.

– The health authority may declare a water source to be unfit for drinking if it does not meet with the standards set by the Minister of Health. It is prohibited to supply such water for drinking.

– A person who contravenes the Law or its regulations is liable to a fine or imprisonment of six months.