Restriction of Smoking in Public Places Law, 1984

This law prohibits smoking in public places, except in specially designated areas, and requires the owners or occupiers of public establishments to post signs prohibiting smoking. For the purposes of the Law, "public places" include theaters, cinemas, concert halls or halls for any public gathering, hospitals, reading rooms of libraries, food stores, classrooms and daycare centers, public areas of banks and post offices, gymnasiums and elevators. Restaurants with seating for at least 20 persons are required designate half of their seating area as a "non-smoking" area. Smoking is prohibited in busses and taxis, and in trains with the exception of cars designated smoking cars. Drivers may refuse entry to their vehicles to anyone carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar, cigarillo or pipe.

Persons who contravene this law are liable for a fine. Ushers in public halls and drivers of vehicles in which smoking is prohibited are empowered to require a person who is smoking or holding a lighted cigarette, cigar, cigarillo or pipe to identify himself. If that person refuses to identify himself the usher or driver may detain him for up to one hour until a police officer arrives. Drivers may transport the offender to the nearest police station.