Signing of Agreement on Israel-Canada Cooperation

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 7, 1998

Diane Marleau, Canadian Minister for International Cooperation arrives today (Sunday) 7.6.98, for a visit to Israel. This evening, she will sign a joint declaration of the Centre for International Cooperation and the Canadian Ministry for International Cooperation, for joint Canadian-Israeli aid activities in Africa, on behalf of victims of land mines. This project is the result of a Canadian initiative to mark Israel’s 50th anniversary. Minister Marleau will visit the Centre for Village Settlement in Rehovot, and will be informed of the Centre for International Cooperation’s activities in the developing world and the Palestinian areas. The visit of Minister Marleau is the first of a Canadian Minister of International Cooperation to Israel. The visit will renew the strong links between the two international aid organisations. The joint declaration will be signed at 19:15 hours, at the Jerusalem Laromme hotel.