Sixth Anniversary of Bombing of Israeli Embassy, Buenos Aires

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 17, 1998

Today, March 17, marks six years since the terror attack on the Israeli embassy building in Buenos Aires in which 29 were killed, including four Israeli diplomats and five embassy staff members. This in addition to the dozens of Israelis and Argentinians wounded – pupils in the nearby school, clergymen and worshippers in the church across the street, and passersby.

On this day, we again honor the memory of the victims, share the pain of the families, and continue to accompany the many wounded on the long road to rehabilitation.

The war against terrorism is a difficult and protracted struggle, which demands that the civilized countries, which suffer from terrorism and seek to destroy it, invest combined efforts and adopt a courageous stand.

Two attacks took place in Argentina – against the Israeli embassy and against the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Building (AMIA). To date, the terrorists have not been apprehended. They continue to walk free, and those who sent them continue to plot murderous and infamous schemes.

Despite the years that have passed since the first attack, Israel remains adamant in its demand that the efforts to uncover those responsible continue and even be intensified. It is our hope that with the progress in the investigation of the AMIA attack, it will be possible to identify and bring to justice those responsible for dispatching the car bomb driver and their co-conspirers.

The families which lost their dear ones in the murderous attack will not be consoled with the apprehension and punishment of the terrorists, but it is our duty to continue our efforts, as a deterrent and a warning, and above all in order to prevent any recurrence of such crimes.

We call again upon the international community to intensify its struggle against those states and organizations which support terrorism as a means to achieve their goals, and to strengthen cooperation on all levels in order to confront this scourge, which afflicts us all.