South African Diplomatic Delegation Visits Israel

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 11, 1998

A delegation of South African diplomats visited Israel today (Wednesday) 11.3.98, and held various meetings at the Foreign Ministry and the Knesset. The delegation visited Yad Vashem, and is planning to visit the Palestinian Authority areas.

The delegation consists of 25 diplomats, and comprises South African ambassadors to the Arab states, and members of the South African Foreign Ministry’s Middle Eastern team. Heading the delegation is Malcolm Ferguson, the South African Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Africa and the Middle East.

During their visit to the Foreign Ministry the South African diplomats were briefed on Israeli government policy on various current issues. Acting Deputy Director-General for Africa Avraham Toledo and Deputy Director-General for Communications Ya’acov Levy spoke to the guests. The South African diplomats gave their impressions of the situation in the Middle East, as viewed from the Arab capitals in which they serve.