Terror Attack at Nezarim Junction

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
29 October 1998

The Foreign Minister strongly condemns the perpetrators and planners of the murderous attack at Nezarim junction in the Gaza Strip, in which one Israeli was killed and three injured.

It is clear beyond any doubt that the terrorists’ target was a schoolbus which travels regularly on the same route, at the same time.

Just when we expected from the Palestinian side determined and continuous action against terrorism, innocent Israelis have once again fallen victim to the terrorism which the agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority was to have eliminated.

The Foreign Minister demands that our negotiating partners not only totally condemn the terrorist attack, but take decisive action against the infrastructure, the perpetrators and the supporters of such terrorism.

Only a few days ago, Israel and the Palestinians signed a memorandum reiterating the Palestinians’ commitment to the war against terrorism. This memorandum defined stages of implementation, according to which Israel is to carry out its part after the Palestinians fulfill their obligations at each and every stage, including the war against terrorism.

This commitment must meet the test of reality. We expect our partners to the process to display the requisite determination.