5755 / 1995

Prepared by:

The Demographics Center, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Central Bureau of Statistics, Office of the Prime Minister
Central Office of Information, Publications Service
Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports


The Population of Israel presents in abstract the main demographic indicators of Israel. This booklet was prepared for the UN Conference on Population and Development, held in Cairo in September 1994, by a steering committee of representatives of relevant Government ministries and other institutions. The booklet contains topics for a "framework proposal for developed countries" as proposed by UNFPA. In the past few years, Israel has devoted special attention to immigrant absorption, economic development, public health, education, and concern for individual welfare, as the various chapters of this booklet will show. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the steering committee, whose contribution and efforts made it possible to publish this important booklet: Dr. Eitan Sabatello of the Central Bureau of Statistics; Mr. Meir Giron of the Ministry of the Interior; Ms. Ziona Haklai of the Ministry of Health; Mr. Ya’akov Ish Shalom of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs; Ms. Esther Koren Ankari of the Ministry of the Environment; Ms. Brenda Morgenstein of the National Insurance Institute; Ms. Pnina Sofer of the Ministry of Economics and Planning; Mr. Ron Tzur of the Demographics Center; and Mr. Shimon Yair, the director-general of the Demographics Center.

Dr. Baruch Levy Chairman of the Public Council for Demography Head of the Israel Delegation to the Cairo Conference