Visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem to Israel

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
6 July 1998

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr. Ismail Cem, will arrive today (Monday) 6.7.98, for an four-day official visit to Israel. At the center of the talks will be the subject of the continued development of links between Israel and Turkey in a variety of areas, and will also be updated on the latest developments in the peace process.

In the course of his visit, Foreign Minister Cem will meet with President Ezer Weizman and Knesset Speaker Dan Tichon, and will hold a working meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will also meet with Trade and Industry Minister Natan Sharansky and Opposition Leader Ehud Barak. This is Mr. Cem’s first official visit to Israel. He has previously served as Minister of Cultural Affairs.

 Visit of Turkish Foreign Minister to Israel
 Visit of Turkish Foreign Minister to Israel

Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem being welcomed on arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport by Minister of Immigrant Absorption Yuli Edelstein.
Photo: "Scoop 80"