Visit to Israel by Swiss President Cotti

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 8, 1998

Israel warmly welcomes the decision by the President and Foreign Minister of Switzerland, Flavio Cotti, to visit Israel. Israel attributes great importance to this visit, which it views as a genuine expression of the friendship of the Swiss people and its president, Flavio Cotti, for Israel, and is confident that this visit will serve to strengthen the good relations prevailing between the two states. Israel regards the visit as an excellent opportunity to discuss relations between the two states, including Switzerland’s examination of various aspects of its past, in the time of World War II. Israel expresses its appreciation for the measures taken by Switzerland to date, in an effort to uncover the truth, to promote humanitarian solidarity, and to accord justice to the victims of the Holocaust and their heirs. Israel feels obliged to stress that the element of time enjoins us all to acknowledge our supreme humanitarian duty and accelerate our efforts, so that maximum justice can be awarded to those survivors still with us today, and considers this visit an appropriate opportunity to discuss this as well.