Water Regulations (Prevention of Water Pollution) (Washing of Containers for Spraying), 1991

These regulations prohibit the washing out of containers used for spraying into water sources, either directly or indirectly. Areas used for rinsing such containers are defined. Spraying in areas where contaminants might reach a water source is also prohibited. Spraying from an airplane within 300 meters of a water source, or within 200 meters of certain specified rivers* or within 50 meters of any other river, is forbidden.

* Kaziv River, Naaman River, Tsipori River, Dalia River, Taninim River, Hadera River, Alexander River, Poleg River, Yarkon River, Shikma River.

Water Regulations (Prohibition of Hard Detergents) 1974 (Summary)

These regulations forbid the import, sale or use of detergents which "lower surface tension and are composed of branched-chain alkyl-Bensons."

Water Regulations (Regulation of the Level of the Sea of Galilee), 1967 (Summary)

Water Order (Determination of Acceptable Levels), 1968 (Summary)

These regulations empower the Water Commissioner to set acceptable levels minimal and maximal levels for the Sea of Galilee, according to the seasons. Further, the Minister set out in 1968 that the lowest acceptable level of the Sea of Galilee is 213.25 meters below sea level, and its highest acceptable level is 209 meters below sea level.