Bank of Israel Gov. Frenkel to Attend World Economic Forum at Davos

(Communicated by Bank of Israel Spokesman)
Jerusalem, 27 January 1999

Bank of Israel Governor Ya’acov Frenkel will leave tomorrow (Thursday) 28.1.99 to attend the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. Governor Frenkel will speak at a special session examining the international frameworks needed to guarantee global stability, against the background of recurring crises in international financial markets. He will also participate in another special session to discuss the future of international financial markets.

Frenkel will refer to the financial crises, capital flows in these markets, needed supervisory, control and early warning steps and monetary policy in an age of globalization. He will present the experience of Israeli economic policy in facing the effects of global financial shocks.

Frenkel will also hold a number of bilateral meetings with finance ministers, central bank directors and heads of international institutions.