Extension of TIPH Agreement: Remarks by Mr. Eytan Bentsur, Director General of Foreign Ministry

Hebron, January 25, 1999

Today we are extending the mandate of TIPH – the Temporary Presence in Hebron – by another three months, with the option of a further extension, at that time, of three months.

TIPH has been operating under a mandate agreed upon by the two sides. At the same time, there are clearly various interpretations of that mandate, which have to be tested through its implementation on the ground. It is our hope that TIPH will demonstrate the necessary flexibility to coordinate its activities with both sides and to work with them in harmony.

As part of our sincere desire to cooperate to the fullest extent possible with this international missions, we are prepared to participate in any initiative that may be put forward to TIPH to convene the Steering Committee and the Working Group that will be established by it.

We welcome the humanitarian and social welfare aspects of TIPH’s work, and hope that there will be further projects of this kind in the future.

Let me take this opportunity to bid farewell to the outgoing Head of the Mission, General Arne Huuse, and to welcome his successor, General Olave Elias Sonderland.

Finally, I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Saeb Arekat and the Palestinian Delegation for hosting this ceremony today.