FM Levy Meets Russian Foreign Ministry Official

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
14 September 1999

Foreign Minister David Levy today (Tuesday) 14.9.99, met with Alexander Saltanov, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry Middle East Department, to discuss the multilateral talks and other issues.

Foreign Minister Levy expressed his concern over Iranian policy and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in light of the recent bombings in Moscow. We express our sorrow for the deaths of innocent victims by murderers who cross all borders and restraints. It is clear that the same terrorism that we have always warned about, attacks not only Israel but all other nations of the world, he said.

Foreign Minister Levy also raised the issue of the Iran’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons program, which when combined with a fundamentalist ideology, endangers the entire region. We must stand like a rampart against the threat of fundamentalist operations against Israel and all peoples of the region the earlier the better. Terrorism knows no borders. It is a time bomb threatening us all, he said.

Regarding the multilateral talks, Foreign Minister Levy said that he places great importance on Russian involvement in the process and on Russia’s hosting the steering committee in Moscow.

Foreign Minister Levy then updated Mr. Saltanov on developments in the peace process. Mr. Saltanov, who attended yesterdays ceremony marking the resumption of the permanent settlement negotiations, extended the Russian government’s blessings on recent developments.