FM Levy Meets with EU Ambassadors

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
22 November 1999

Foreign Ministry David Levy met this morning (Monday), 22.11.99, with European Union ambassadors serving in Israel and updated them on current developments in the peace process.

"The Palestinians are engaging in unjustified foot-dragging regarding the withdrawal. They claim that there is no crisis but are still delaying the process," Foreign Minister Levy said.

Foreign Minister Levy emphasized the crucial importance which Israel attributes to the dialogue with Europe regarding both European Union support for the resumption of the multilateral talks and Israel’s joining the Western nations’ group (WEOG) at the UN.

Foreign Minister Levy told the EU ambassadors that the Palestinians and Arab countries are working to torpedo Israel’s joining the Western nations’ group at the UN. He added that the situation in which, on one hand, the peace process advances and on the other, the Palestinians engage in incitement against Israel is unacceptable. "It will be difficult for the Israeli government to continue showing restraint in the face of Palestinian incitement. The Israeli public is beginning to become very incensed about this."