Israel Rejects UNGA Resolution to Convene Geneva Convention Signatories

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
10 February 1999

Israel completely rejects the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution yesterday (Tuesday), 9.2.99, to convene the signatories of the Geneva Convention for a discussion on the territories, which was passed out of narrow political motives and not because of humanitarian considerations.

As such, the resolution will harm, first and foremost, the integrity of the international humanitarian institutions, which are supposed to be free of any bias and prejudice. This would be the first time that these bodies are activated by the UN, which is a completely political body. The all-consuming politicization of the UN will also consume the humanitarian bodies and impair their ability to carry out their responsibilities.

Israel will not participate in the conference, which was born of an unjust political resolution passed at the expense of the credibility of the international humanitarian organizations.