September 8, 1999

Israel’s Population at Rosh Hashana – 6,145,000

(Communicated by Central Bureau of Statistics Spokesman)

The Central Bureau of Statistics reports today (Wednesday) 8.9.99, that Israel’s population on the eve of Rosh Hashana, stands at 6,145,000, of which 4,847,000 are Jews (79%), 922,000 Muslims (15%), 376,000 Druze, Christians and unclassified persons (6%). Israel’s population increased by 147,000 in the past year – 2.4%, the same as the year before. Immigration accounted for 35% of this growth, compared to 34% the year before.

The Jewish population rose by 88,000, of which 61% was natural growth, for a growth rate of 1.8%, the same as the year before.

There were a total of 63,500 new immigrants in 5759, of which 86% came from CIS states, including 37% from the Russian Federation itself.