Seventh Anniversary of Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires

(Communicated by Foreign Minister’s Media Advisor)
17 March 1999

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon today (Wednesday) 17.3.99, issued the following statement to mark the seventh anniversary of the terrorist bombing at the Israeli embassy in Argentina:

Seven years have passed since the murderous terrorist attack at the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in which 29 people — including our fellow diplomats, as well as innocent civilian passers-by — lost their lives.

Regretfully, we continue to find ourselves engaged in a protracted struggle of over 100 years against Arab and Palestinian extremist Islamic terrorism — which, despite its changing form, continues to strike us in Israel, the Middle East and throughout the world. Its objective remains the same as in the past: the indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians, women and children. While the passage of time has not dulled the pain or the magnitude of the loss, I can guarantee that time has not served to weaken our determination to fight terrorism and its perpetrators. Israel, as a Jewish state, exists, first and foremost, to defend the lives of Jews everywhere, and to ensure the safety of those who enter through its gates.

Israel will not rest, and will continue to act and to cooperate with the Government of Argentina and with other international bodies to locate those responsible for the attack and to bring them to justice.

On the anniversary of this despicable attack, I am asking the Government of Argentina — despite the difficulties and the time which has passed — to take every possible measure to find those guilty of this crime, at home and abroad.

Only if we stand together with uncompromising determination against terrorism and its agents will we be able to eradicate this phenomenon, and thus honor the memory of its victims.