Acting FM Ben-Ami Briefs the Diplomatic Corps

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
October 3, 2000

Acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami this evening (October 3) met with the foreign ambassadors in Israel. He told them that violence does not serve either side. "We have gone very, very far as a government in this process. We are ready to contemplate ideas no government before us has contemplated… We have brought the Palestinians to the moment of truth… There was no reason that in the middle of such a political process, at such a delicate moment, when so much is at stake for the two parties, we should surf on such a wave of violence."

The Foreign Minister added, "We have been told repeatedly that Chairman Arafat has given instructions to his people to stop violence… We did not see that on the ground… I am not aware of an official ceasefire. Incidents continued to occur throughout the territories. However, the level, the intensity, is somehow lower…"

Tomorrow morning, a meeting will be held in Paris between Prime Minister Barak, Chairman Arafat, Secretary of State Albright, and President Chirac. The Foreign Minister added that Egyptian President Mubarak and Foreign Minister Amre Moussa play an important role in bridging the positions of the parties.

Ben-Ami expressed his appreciation of the political activity of the Ameircans, the French, the Egyptians and the UN Secretary General. He also expressed his sorrow at the necessary loss of human life in the course of the recent violent clashes.

 Acting FM Ben-Ami Briefs the Diplomatic Corps
 Acting FM Ben-Ami Briefs the Diplomatic Corps
Full text of opening remarks of briefing by Acting FM Ben-Ami – Oct 3, 2000