Bulgarian President Visits Israel

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
January 17, 2000

The President of Bulgaria, Mr. Petar Stoyanov, arrived today (Monday January 17) in Israel on an official visit as guest of the President of Israel (17-19/1).

In the course of his visit, he will meet with the President, the Prime Minister, the Knesset Speaker, and will visit Yad Vashem and the grave of Yitzhak Rabin. In addition, President Stoyanov will meet with businessmen and with the community of Israelis of Bulgarian extraction. He will also participate in a square naming ceremony in honor of Bulgaria, together with the Mayor of Jerusalem.

The larger part of the Bulgarian Jewish community survived the Holocaust due to the resistance of the Bulgarian nation to the German orders to send Jews to the death camps, and most of the remaining community emigrated to Israel. Unfortunately the Jewish communities of Macedonia and Terakia did not escape a tragic fate and were almost entirely exterminated.

The visit of the Bulgarian President in Israel will contribute to the deepening and widening of the good relations between the two countries.

The President will be accompanied by his wife and ten year old daughter, and by a group of Bulgarian businessmen and journalists.