Jerusalem, 2 October 2000

Cabinet Communique
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Government of Israel expresses its regret for all the casualties. The Government will act vigorously and use all means at its disposal to preserve law and order throughout the country. It gives its full backing to the Israel Police in their activities to enforce the law and ensure public order.

The Government believes that the vast majority of the Israeli Arab population strives for integration and involvement in Israeli society and peaceful coexistence, and that it is unfortunate that extreme elements within this sector are attempting to incite towards extremism. We call on this sector to show restraint. A special cabinet meeting will be convened to discuss approval of a long-term annual program to benefit the Arab sector, including comprehensive discussion regarding the problems and plight of the Arab and Bedouin sectors in Israel.

The Government calls upon the Palestinian Authority and its leadership to take unequivocal measures to put an end to the riots and violations of public order. We regret the fact that Palestinians were injured as a result of the need to respond to the conduct of the Palestinian Authority and its policemen. The Government holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for the escalation of violence and the riots.

The Government fully backs the IDF and the security forces, its commanders and soldiers for their conduct, and commends them on their restraint, resoluteness and judgement in this complex situation.

The government will continue its efforts to reach a settlement with our Palestinian neighbors. We are currently in the midst of a very sensitive stage in the peace process. Those who believe that violence is an effective tool in the negotiations are mistaken. Violence cannot replace those difficult decisions without which there will be no agreement.

 Cabinet Communique-02-Oct-2000
 Cabinet Communique-02-Oct-2000
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories – Sept/Oct 2000