Clinton-Barak Meeting – April 11, 2000

Prime Minister Barak met with US President Clinton in Washington on April 11 to discuss developments in the peace process.

On his return to Israel, he briefed the Israeli cabinet on his talks in Washington.

Understandings reached at the summit in D.C.
By Aluf Benn, Ha’aretz, April 13, 2000

  • Israel will ensure the Palestinians get contiguous territory in the West Bank, in return for territories annexed to the state of Israel.
  • Barak will accelerate the talks on the Palestinian track, in an attempt to finalize a framework agreement by May and include the third pullback in it.
  • The United States will increase its involvement in the process, and American representatives will sit in on talks between Israel and the Palestinians, which will continue outside Washington.
  • Canada will lead an international effort to help the Palestinian refugees. Israel will contribute money but will not take in any refugees.
  • Israel will withdraw from Lebanon to the line set by the United Nations in 1978, and will not leave any outposts or security fences on the Lebanese side of the border.
  • The United States will help muster international support for the implementation of UN Resolution 425 (regarding the withdrawal from Lebanon) and pressure Syria to prevent terrorism after the pullback.
  • The Syrian track will remain "on hold, waiting for developments." The United States is suspending its mediation efforts.
  • The United States will try to convince Russia to stop the flow of technology to Iran.
  • Israel and the United States will continue consultations in an attempt to solve the dispute over the sale of planes to China.