Jerusalem, 1 March 2000

Communications Minister Ben-Eliezer Meets with King Abdullah

(Communicated by the Communications Ministry Spokesman)

Communications Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer met yesterday (Tuesday), 29.1.2000, with King Abdullah of Jordan, in the latter’s palace in Amman, and presented him with the first stamp which the State of Israel has issued in memory of his late father King Hussein of Jordan, upon the first anniversary of his passing.

Minster Ben-Eliezer and King Abdullah met privately to discuss the peace process, and delivered a political message from Prime Minister Ehud Barak to His Majesty. King Abdullah said that he thinks that the negotiations between Syria and Israel will be renewed soon, and commended the latest statements from Israel, as doing much to pave the way to peace with Syria.

During his visit to Jordan, Minister Ben-Eliezer visited the late King Hussein’s grave and laid a wreath in his memory.

Minister Ben-Eliezer also met with his Jordanian counterpart, Prof. Abdallah Tukan, and discussed the political situation. Minister Tukan noted that there are certain points of disagreement between Israel and Jordan that need to be solved in order to promote joint projects in the regional economy. Minister Ben-Eliezer informed Minister Tukan that Israel aspires to full cooperation and emphasized the importance of the peace process for the whole region.