Conference of Israeli Heads of Mission in Arab States

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
January 10, 2000

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold a conference of Israeli heads of misssion in Arab states, between 17-19 January 2000 in Jerusalem. The ambassadors of Israel to Egypt, Jordan and Mauritania and the heads of mission in Oman, Qatar, Tunisia and Morocco will participate.

Foreign Minister David Levy initiated the conference, the first of its kind, which is designed to provide the representatives with a first hand account of recent developments in the peace process, as well as allowing an exchange of ideas and formulating a plan of action and priorities for the new year.

During the conference, the heads of mission with meet with senior officials of the ministry and with other members of the Israeli establishment, and will hold internal discussions on various aspects of their work.

The conference was timed to coordinate with positive developments in the peace process with the Palestinians and Syria, and in the multi-lateral track, with the aim of examining the development of normalization and good neighborly relations between Israel and the Arab states.