Deputy FM Massalha Meets Group of MASHAV Trainees from Morocco

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
September 20, 2000

Deputy Foreign Minister Nawaf Massalha met yesterday (September 19) with a group of MASHAV trainees from Morocco (25 people in total), at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Jerusalem. During the meeting, the Deputy Foreign Minister spoke of the importance of cooperation between Israel and the Arab countries for the peace process.

Massalha emphasized Israel’s great efforts to advance the peace process and to achieve a peace agreement, while noting the existing ties between Israel and some of the Maghreb states.

The Deputy Foreign Minister welcomed the many visits by Israeli Jews and Arabs to Morocco: "We are interested in the exchange of professional ideas. There is cooperation with the Palestinians, which will help the peace process."

The Deputy Foreign Minister added, "There is Arab solidarity, but we seek peace in the Middle East as it existed in the past between Jews and Arabs."

(MASHAV is the Israel Foreign Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation.)