Deputy FM Massalha Meets with Thai Ambassador

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
July 5, 2000

The Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Domedej Bunnag, conveyed to the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Nawaf Massalha, an official letter of pardon regarding the Israelis imprisoned in Thailand on charges of heroin use and trafficking.

The letter stated that upon consideration of humanitarian reasons, the King of Thailand had decided to commute the sentences of Yosef Ohana and Avraham Hori to life imprisonment.

Hori and Ohana had been sentenced to the death penalty. Approximately one month ago, the King decided to reduce their sentences and today (5 July) the Ambassador of Thailand in Israel gave the official letter of pardon to Deputy Foreign Minister Massalha, asking him to pass it on to Foreign Minister David Levy.

The Deputy Foreign Minister thanked the Ambassador and said that all the people of Israel respect and are grateful to the King of Thailand for the humanitarian gesture and for the consideration shown for the feelings of the citizens of the State of Israel. Mr. Massalha also stated that he is certain that this gesture will bring the two peoples closer together and will further strengthen the relations between both countries.

The Ambassador of Thailand emphasized that the pardon was given as a humanitarian gesture, and not as a result of Israeli pressure, as had been reported elsewhere.