Deputy FM Massalha to Visit Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Hungary

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
February 13, 2000

At the invitation of the governments of Albania, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Hungary, Deputy Foreign Minister Nawaf Massalha will travel on an official visit to these three states. The Deputy Foreign Minister will meet with senior officials in the host countries in order to advance and strengthen cooperation between them and Israel.

Deputy Foreign Minister Massalha will be the first senior official from Israel to visit Albania since the crises which have occurred there following the establishment of democracy in 1991. During his visit to Albania (13-15.2) the Deputy Minister will be accompanied by a delegation of Israeli business people who will examine the possibilities for Israeli assistance and the potential for trade and economic cooperation. During the visit, meetings of the working group on economic and development affairs – which had been previously decided upon by the prime ministers of the two states – will be held. In Tirana, Massalha will meet with the Prime Minister of Albania Ilir Meta and with the Foreign Minister Paskal Milo.

Deputy Foreign Minister Massalha is also the first senior Israeli official to visit (15-17.2) Bosnia-Hercegovina. The Deputy Foreign Minister will be received by the Chairman of the Bosnian Presidency Alija Izetbegovic, by senior government officials in Sarajevo, and by representatives of the three ethnic minorities – Moslems, Croats and Serbs. The deputy minister will review the possibilities for integrating Israel into rehabilitation and development efforts in the country, efforts which for the most part are financed by the European Union and the United States.

During his visit to Hungary (17-20.2), Massalha will meet with the Foreign Minister Janos Martony and with the Director General of the Foreign Ministry Janos Herman. In Budapest, the Deputy Foreign Minister will meet with local business persons and leaders of the Jewish community.